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Travel to and from School

Travel to and from School

Students are expected to go home right after dismissal unless they are meeting or helping a teacher, or involved in a school activity.  We appreciate your cooperation in picking up children promptly at dismissal.  If you are unable to pick up your child at dismissal, please make alternate child care arrangement.  Students are expected to make arrangements with their parents ahead of time if they plan to stay after school or go to another location other than their home.

As described in the School Act. students are under the jurisdiction of the school administration once they leave your care in the morning and until they report back to the parent or caregiver after school  Any problems which occur among students prior to reporting home or to school may be dealt with under the school's and district's policy on student behavior.

We encourage students to head straight home after dismissal, and ask all parents and caregivers to strictly enforce this expectations by establishing a firm arrival home time with their child.