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Instructional Focus


Every student will achieve one year’s growth in their instructional reading level through tiered intervention support.

Collaborative Response Model to Supporting Student Achievement:

At Satoo School, we work to ensure success for all of our students. One way to achieve this is through the use of a Collaborative Response Model (CRM). A CRM is a school-wide framework that ensures ongoing support for the individual needs of students. This model consists of three essential components: Collaborative Team Meetings, Assessments, and Pyramid of Interventions. The Pyramid of Interventions consists of three tiers. Tier 1 involves classroom instruction and interventions with specific focus on Guided Reading, Read Alouds and Literacy Circles. Tier 2 involves Tier 1 interventions as well as Guided Reading pull out. Tier 3 interventions involve both Tier 1 and 2 interventions with the addition of Leveled Literacy Intervention twice per week. Our Satoo team works together to achieve our school wide goal which is every student will achieve one year’s growth in their instructional reading level. In order to make this happen, we provide literacy interventions for our students through Guided Reading, Literacy Circles and Leveled Literacy Intervention. These interventions are provided several times a week based on individual student needs. Our intervention team is made up of teachers and educational assistants. Student placement is based on each child’s current reading level as opposed to grade level. You can anticipate that your child will a part of one or all of these tiers depending on their individual needs as a reader. Staff at Satoo School meet collaboratively to review, monitor and modify student programs and reading progress. Parents, it is critical that you support your child’s literacy growth by modeling, discussing and reading with them every day at home.